Upgrade Commercial Office Assets with The Coworking Blueprint

A versatile framework designed to quickly transform vacant offices into monetizable coworking spaces with your brand. Available in DIY, Managed, and Licensed formats, it meets diverse property needs and enhances asset value.

Scalable Office Conversion Model for Flex Space Monetization

Utilize the proven Coworking Blueprint developed by CoworkingConsulting.com, LLC to turn traditional spaces into thriving coworking businesses. With over 16 years of global experience, our scalable model ensures rapid transformation and significant asset value enhancement. Our expert strategies accelerate market entry, optimizing every property for today’s dynamic workforce.

Our extensive network of industry experts employs agile buildout processes and comprehensive operational strategies to position your properties at the forefront of the commercial real estate market, ensuring a quick and effective market entry.


Years of Experience


Deployed Spaces

3 mo

Speed to Market

Tools for Effective Implementation

Our implementation tools are streamline the transformation of traditional office spaces into dynamic coworking businesses. From precise market analysis to operational strategy development, we equip you with everything needed for a seamless transition.

Blueprint Deployment

Implement our turnkey solutions to transition your spaces with minimal downtime, backed by data-driven market insights and tailored operational frameworks.

Market Analysis & Strategy

Leverage our comprehensive market analysis tools to position your property effectively in the coworking space market, ensuring competitive advantage and high ROI.

Operational Support

Gain access to proven operational strategies and cutting-edge technology solutions designed for maximum efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Marketing and Sales Enablement

Utilize bespoke marketing strategies and sales tools crafted to attract a diverse tenant base and secure high-value leases.

Training and Education

Empower your team with our Coworking Consultant Certification Program, equipping them with the necessary skills to manage and scale coworking operations successfully.

Ongoing Consultation

Benefit from continuous support and expert advice to navigate the evolving commercial real estate landscape and optimize your investment.

Blueprint to Reality

Our comprehensive process begins with a detailed market and feasibility analysis to tailor the Coworking Blueprint to your specific regional needs.

We support you from strategic planning and operational setup to marketing and launching, ensuring a successful transformation of your property.

After the Feasibility Study:
Manage the Roadmap

If you have decided to green-light the project after assessing the results from the coworking feasibility study, turn your feasibility study into a successful coworking space with our Fractional Coworking Executive Service. This service ensures seamless project management, strategic oversight, and integration with all necessary components.

What’s Next: If you’re wondering what happens next after the feasibility study, it’s all about getting started and hitting the ground running in a streamlined way. Engaging this service provides structure and momentum to the development process, ensuring it moves smoothly by integrating and organizing all stakeholders.

Early Stage Actions:

  • Coordinate with architects for site visits
  • Refine project financials and resource allocation
  • Begin design and planning reviews

Get Started: Subscribe now to unlock the full potential of your coworking project and seamlessly add other Blueprint components as needed.

Weekly Meetings with Your Team and Stakeholders: Regular, focused communication with your team and stakeholders to review progress, address challenges, and identify opportunities. Ensures all parties are aligned and moving forward together.

What’s Included:

Project Management:
Embark on a structured learning journey covering market analysis, branding, design, and more.

Strategic Collaboration:
Get skilled in evaluating property potential with our comprehensive feasibility tools.

Financial Updates:
Regular updates on financials and allocations based on project developments.

Peer Review:
Expert review and feedback to maintain high .

Integration with Blueprint Components:
Seamlessly add and manage other components as needed. Each component is available as an additional service.

A Unified Approach

Collaborate with CoworkingConsulting.com and tap into our extensive network of industry expertise. Our integrated platform approach builds coworking business legacies.

Blueprint Components

Explore detailed insights into the key components of our Coworking Blueprint. Each element is designed to help you deliver cutting-edge coworking experiences that set your properties apart.

DIY Deployment Package

$ Custom
  • Access to educational playbooks.
  • A la carte options for additional services
  • Technology and project management support
  • Revenue Share: Not included.
  • Coworking Consultant Certification: Training available per person to enhance project implementation skills.

Suited for clients who prefer to actively manage their coworking space projects with selective support. This package allows clients to handle most of the development process internally while accessing our managed services for critical systems such as technology and sales.

Managed Blueprint Package

$ Custom
  • One feasibility study provided per agreement
  • Comprehensive management of deployment from concept to daily operations
  • All essential services for operation
  • Inclusive training and certification for one staff member, additional fee per person.
  • Revenue Share: Win/Win revenue model.
  • Coworking Consultant Certification: Included for one key staff member to ensure operational proficiency.

Ideal for clients seeking comprehensive, end-to-end
management of their coworking space development. This package offers full-service support covering all aspects of coworking space setup and operation, ensuring seamless project execution with minimal client involvement.

Licensed Blueprint Package

$ Custom
  • Three feasibility studies provided per agreement
  • Licensing rights for using the Coworking Blueprint across multiple sites
  • Comprehensive support and scalability for sublicensing
  • Training for three staff members to ensure consistency across locations, additional fee per person.
  • Revenue Share: Win/Win revenue model.
  • Coworking Consultant Certification: Three certifications included to ensure a standardized rollout of services.
  • Master licensor opportunities are available for qualified Territory Developers
    – Domestic USA: County, State, & Regional
    – International: Country, Province, & Regional

Designed for clients aiming to leverage coworking as a repeatable business model across multiple properties or to license the model to others. This package includes extensive support, licensing rights, and multiple feasibility studies, creating opportunities for significant revenue generation through expansion and licensing.

Become a Coworking Solution Partner

Become a Coworking Solution Partner and revolutionize the commercial real estate landscape with our diverse coworking packages. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, asset owner/manager, or a real estate developer, explore tailored solutions ranging from DIY to fully managed or licensed operations that best fit your strategic goals.